Katherine L. Staten is a health and human service professional for well over 30 years. Her experience includes administering state and federal social service programming in local communities and working in communities that impacted national research regarding evidenced-based programming.

Over her 30 years of professional experience, she has served in both public and private nonprofit organizations with a keen awareness of the real issues that families and communities face. Everywhere her influence has taken her she always sought to advocate for the needs of people and communities. She has wide-ranging experience from providing direct services through community organizing and case management to formulating and implementing strategic plans for statewide agencies. Seeing the need to address individual, family, and community trauma she launched Flourish and Grow to promote trauma consciousness and healing from grief and loss. Her dream is for everyone to be able to approach trauma and grief and triumph over thoughts and feelings that have the potential of hindering us from bright futures to enjoy. She facilitates training and workshops on trauma-informed care and healing-centered engagement that translates to a social impact model to facilitate personal, organizational, and community transformation and change.

She is a certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor which allows for trainees to receive a 3-year certification in Mental Health First Aid. Her goals are to have the masses realize the pervasiveness of trauma and the symptoms of grief and loss, to the point where these topics can be discussed and addressed openly with the end result of improving the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities.

In her new book Descendants of Dysfunction: What we can learn from the Bible’s dysfunctional families, she seeks to start conversations about family life that may be difficult. It is her hope that readers will be encouraged to move beyond the pain to healing and live dynamic lives. To learn more about the book go to: www.descendantsofdysfunctionbook.com

In 2019, after a challenge with her skin, she launched Kathy’s Creams and Things, an e-commerce store with exfoliates to help keep the skin fresh, and moisturizers to protect it. Let nature do the rest. Kathy’s Creams products are free from preservatives, acids, thickeners, thinners, homogenizing agents, and sulfates.


Master of Science, Human Service Counseling – National Louis University
Bachelor of Science, Consumer Economics and Family Management – Southern Illinois University

Instructor Certificate

Mental Health First Aid USA – Jan 2020
Adverse Childhood Experiences Overcomers – Facilitator Training – Aug 2019
Trauma Responsive Innovations for Mind and Body (TIMBO) – Sept. 2020

Trauma Informed Yoga -Sept. 2020

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